Smart Finance APIs

Yordex allows businesses of any size to manage all their future finances in one place:

Example services include:

  • Get real time visibility and control over all spend versus budget
  • Reconcile card payments
  • Manage expenses online and from mobile phones
  • Accelerate invoice processing through scanning and automated approval workflows
  • Implement spend pre-approvals
  • Automatically connect to your accounting system

The system also enables supplier communications. Because of this, the APIs are fully symmetric. What buyers can do, suppliers (sellers) can also do. This means the Yordex APIs can also be used to manage sales orders.

API structure

Everything revolves around the Order API. Expenses, invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, subscriptions, direct debits and employee salaries are all "orders".

Orders cover the full lifecycle. They start before the spend is approved and end when the payment is made and the order is reconciled with the accounting system.

/orders: everything in Yordex revolves around orders

To create the order:

  • /traders: buyers and suppliers are both "traders"
  • /terms: template payment terms that can be applied to any order
  • /lineitems: line items describing what is included in the order
  • /cards: creating and topping up company cards (please contact us for more information)

To execute the order:

  • /events: the instantiation of the Order terms for a particular order; they define both a workflow and when payments are due
  • /paymentrecords: records of all money movements related to the order
  • /documents: all documents related to the order, e.g. invoices, order specifications, bills of lading etc.

Supporting services:

  • /tabs: a "tab" is a group of orders; a tab can for example be used for reporting, invoicing, mass payments or expense reports
  • /reports: different types of order reports (please contact us for more information)

Resources not linked to orders (optional):

  • /relations: the relation between two traders; for example, a buyer's supplier boarding form or preferred supplier status is kept here
  • /users: individual users of a trader; only required when using internal approvals or the Yordex user interface

The authentication section explains who can call these APIs. Buyers, sellers and service providers all have different access rights. Buyer and sellers can allow third parties to act on their behalf.

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Smart Finance APIs

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