Embedded Payments APIs

Yordex works with medium-sized and large organisations who make large volumes of small payments. We help them make this process more controlled and cost effective.

What we do: tail spend, expenses and benefits cash disbursement

We specialise in the following use cases:

  • Supplier "tail" spend for Enterprise, platforms and high-growth technology businesses. "Tail" spend is the long tail of 80% of payment transactions that represent 20% of the payment value
  • Expense management to the same set of customers either as an extension to the tail spend or as a standalone program
  • Benefits cash disbursement for nonprofits, governments, employee benefits providers where the benefits are usually paid out on card

All our programs tend to be card centric but we do also offer bank transfers payouts (ACH, SEPA, Faster Payments etc.). Many of our programs are white label.

Yordex is available in the UK, US and Eurozone countries. We are working with our banking partners to add more countries to this list. Please contact us to find out when Yordex will launch in your country.

How we do it: no-code platform with APIs

Before Yordex, integrating payments into your service would take many months. It required high levels of security, zero fault tolerance, a mobile app, end-user support and extensive reporting capabilities.

With Yordex you can launch payments in weeks using our range of value added software and services:


Yordex was designed as a no-code platform allowing organisations to launch their own payments service without any coding.

However, everything that the Yordex platform can do is available as an API. Whatever you wish to automate, we have an API for that!

Yordex has many more APIs that are not documented in this guide. If there is something you would like to do by API but cannot find in this guide, please contact us.

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