Embedded Payments APIs

Yordex works with businesses that make large volumes of payments. We help them automate this process and lower their cost by connecting to a range of wholesale banking partner(s) globally.

The financial services we offer are card issuing, bank transfers (payouts), FX and virtual bank accounts. On top, we offer a range of services to automate your payment processes.

What we do: bring

The Yordex platform consists of the following components:


Yordex platform overview

  • Banking Partner Integration: we can offer integrations with Adyen, Checkout, Highnote, HSBC, Nium, Railsr and Stripe for their card issuing, virtual bank accounts and payout services
  • B2B Payments Services: our software offers a range of payment services to help automate payments
  • Managed Services: to reduce the need to build your own in-house payments team, our support teams can help you with compliance and customer service

How we do it: low-code platform

Working directly with a bank typically requires 15 to 18 months and roughly $2 million to launch, with ongoing annual costs of about $2.5 million.

With Yordex you can launch payments in weeks. Yordex was designed as a low-code platform allowing organisations to pick and choose which processes to automate by API and which processes to manage by CSV bulk uploads or on our dashboard.

This developer guide describes all our APIs. To get advice on which mix of services best fit your needs, please contact us.

What’s Next