Smart Payout APIs

Yordex makes it easy for anyone to embed payments into their own systems and processes .

Before Yordex, you'd have to spend many months integrating to different banking APIs, building your own value-added services and operating your own end-user support organisation.

Yordex offers a set of value added services around banking APIs:

These services make it easier for you to:

  • Spend management: automate expense management and supplier payments
  • Control how money can be spent: wide range of tools to control which users can spend how much on what
  • Communicate with and support end-users: mobile app, notifications, IVR and support to allow end-users to check balances, upload receipts, approve payments and resolve issues
  • Manage spend at scale: tools to allow one person to manage 10s, 100s or even 1000s of users each with access to their own spend limits and payment methods
  • Automate accounting: automate expenses and accounts payable using our configurable approvals workflows, receipt and invoice collection and auto-matching and accounting sync

The image above gives examples of available functionality. A full list of Yordex features and functionality can be downloaded here.

Most of our customers use the Yordex web and mobile apps. Everything our web and mobile apps do can however be done by API and this guide provides an overview of the most frequently used APIs.

Yordex has many more APIs that are not documented in this guide. If there is something you would like to do by API but cannot find in this guide, please contact us.

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Smart Payout APIs

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