Card Spend Controls

This page will show you how to set card rules

This page explains how to manage card spend controls:

Merchant category blocking

Visa and MasterCard have their own lists of merchant categories (MCC).

On the Accounts page we showed you that for most transactions we receive the mcc:

"mcc": "7801",
"mccDescription": "merchant category description",

You can block or allow specific MCC using card rules:

curl {baseURL}/cards/:cardId/spendcontrols
-H "Authorization:your-api-key"  
-H "Content-type: application/json"  
-X PUT  '{
  "mccSpendControls": {
    "allowed": "true/false",
    "mccs": [
        "code": "134",
        "merchantName": "Tesco"

All full list of MCC codes can be found here.

If you use a allowed=true only MCCs included in the list will be accepted. Payments at any other MCC will be blocked. You can also specify allowed=false .


PUT can delete previously specified MCCs

Updating spendcontrols is a PUT. That means that if you want to add one MCC to the list, you need to specify that MCC plus all previously added MCCs in the request. If you do not add previously added MCCs, they will be deleted from the list

A card can not have both allowed and not allowed lists.