App APIs introduction

App APIs are needed to build your own mobile and web apps for end users. You don't need to use these APIs if you use the Yordex apps for your end users.

Scope of our mobile app

Our Yordex mobile app was designed for end users to check their cards and statement or expenses. It was not designed for admin or back office functionality (create cards, create users, make payouts etc.).

You can use your own mobile app for admin or back office functionality in which case the required APIs are documented in the Admin APIs chapter.

APIs not documented

Not all APIs that our own mobile app uses are documented in this section. Below is a list of APIs that are not documented. If you wish to use any of these APIs as well, please contact us:

Users and sessions

  • End user sessions should be managed in your own app. When calling the Yordex APIs you will always use your API key as described here.

Cards APIs

  • Adding cards to Google / Apple Pay wallets

Order specific APIs:

  • Tasks which is a list of outstanding actions per user
  • Comments per order as used in the Yordex mobile and web apps

What’s Next