Creating accounts

This page will show you how to request bank accounts for a customer

Before you can create cards, you need to create a bank account. Every customer can have many accounts from different banks.

This page will explain how to create accounts by API and has the following sections:

Creating a new account

This is how you create a new bank account:

curl {baseURL}/yordexpay  
-H "Authorization:your-api-key"  
-d '{
  "currency": "GBP",
  "provider": "RAILSBANK",
  "name" : "London Office"


/yordexpay API will be deprecated soon

The /yordexpay resource will soon be deprecated in favour of /accounts. This is a name change only, the rest of the API will continue to work as documented here.

All fields are mandatory. The provider is our banking partner. Please contact us to discuss the list of providers that is available for you. The name is a name you can give to make it easier to distinguish accounts if you have more than one.

The next step is that Yordex will onboard this customer on the provider. Information stored when creating the customer will be used for the KYB process

Getting account details

This is how you get your bank accounts details:

curl {baseURL}/yordexpay  
-H "Authorization:your-api-key"  

This response will look like this

  "accounts": [
      "id": "yordex-pay-account-id",
      "provider": "RAILSBANK",
      "name": "London Office",
      "currency": "GBP",
      "status": "ACTIVATED",

The id is required to create cards. The status indicates the boarding status

Checking boarding status

Getting account details also let's you check boarding statuses. Our system has the following statuses

Boarding StatusDescription
ACTIVATEDThe account is fully activated and ready to use
REQUESTEDMore information is required before the account can be activated

What’s Next