Embedded Payments Orchestration APIs

Yordex makes it easy for global platforms to issue cards and make payouts using a network of embedded banking partners. We work with platforms that process large volumes of payments.

What we do

Yordex makes it easier for platforms to implement embedded banking. We do this in two ways:

  • Orchestration : we connect to a network of banking partners so you can integrate once and still get global coverage and the ability to switch
  • Value added software and services : we offer a range of value added software and services so you don't have to implement them yourself

We focus on making payments including card issuing, local payouts, FX and virtual bank accounts.

The Yordex platform consists of the following components:

Yordex platform overview

Yordex platform overview

  • Financial Services: we integrate with a range of banking partners to provide card issuing and account-to-account bank transfers globally
  • Spend Automation: we offer a range of payment services to help automate payments
  • Spend Admin: we offer a range of tools to help you manage the service and go to market quickly

How we do it: low-code platform

With Yordex you can launch payments in weeks. Yordex was designed as a low-code platform allowing organisations to pick and choose which processes to automate by API and which processes to manage by CSV bulk uploads or on our dashboard.

This developer guide describes all our APIs. To get advice on which mix of services best fit your needs, please contact us.

What’s Next