Embedded Banking Orchestration APIs

Yordex allows any business to issue their own cards and bank accounts in order to disburse funds instantly while saving up to 70% in total payment costs. Go here to find out more about Yordex.

What we do

Yordex helps customers make high volumes of payments including card issuing, local payouts, FX and virtual bank accounts.

Our platform offers the following services:

  • Orchestration : we connect to a global network of banking partners to offer you global coverage, resilience, the features you need and the best fees
  • Payments management software : we offer a range of value added software and services so you don't have to implement them yourself. The modules and main features are listed in figure 1 below

Yordex platform overview

Figure 1: Yordex payments management software

APIs or apps?

All the functionality of our platform is available as an API. You will find all our publicly available APIs in this developer guide. Not all our APIs are publicly available though. If there is a feature you want to do from your own apps and you can't find the API in this guide, please contact us.

Most of our customers want to go live in weeks. They therefore opt to use our API for some features and our web and mobile apps for others. Our web app was designed to manage payments at scale and offers a wide range of bulk operation options. To get advice on which mix of services best fit your needs, please also contact us.

What’s Next