idString, Yordex generated
UUID that is unique for this tab
nameString, optional
The name of this tab
userIdString, optional
The id of the user who this tab belongs to
tabFilterString, mandatory
A regular expression indicating which events are included in this tab. See Using tabs for an explanation of how to write this expression
statusString, Yordex generated
The status of this tab. See the possible values below.
resultsArray, Yordex generated
An array of all results. Results are grouped by currency.
. currencyString, Yordex generated
The currency for this set of results
. currencyComponentNumber, Yordex generated
Indicates how many numbers at the end are reserved for cents. For most currencies this will be “2” : they have 2 digits so 100 cents. Some currencies have 0, 1 or 3 numbers. You will find a full list of supported currencies and their exponents here
. amountInCentsNumber, Yordex generated
The sum of the amountToBePaidInCents for all the events included in this tab with this currency
. receivedAmountInCentsNumber, Yordex generated
The sum of the receivedAmountInCents for all the events included in this tab with this currency
. eventsArray, Yordex generated
List of all events included in this tab with this currency as the orderCurrency. For every event, the orderId and eventId are listed.
Tab statusDescription
OPENThe tab is active, new expenses or payouts meeting the tabFilter criteria will automatically be added and ones no longer meeting the criteria will automatically be removed
FILLINGThe tab is new and we are still obtaining all expenses and payouts that meet the tabFilter criteria
CLOSEDThe tab is no longer active. The tab will contain the spend when it was closed. The tab will not be updated anymore.
ERRORThe tab could not be calculated due to an issue with the tabFilter