Three different types of fields are described on this page:

Traders fields

idString, Yordex generated
UUID that is unique for this trader
traderStatusString, Yordex generated
The registration status for this trader. See possible values below.
userObject, mandatory
The details of the first user for this trader. This field is only used for the request body when creating a trader. It is not returned in the response.
. emailString, mandatory
The email address of the first user for this trader
companyTradingNameString, optional
The company trading name for this trader. This field is optional when creating the trader but mandatory when approving the first order for this trader
companyRegisteredNameString, optional
The official name by which this company is registered. If this name is not provided, it is assumed that this is the same as the companyTradingName
traderSlugString, optional
A unique name for this trader that is used in the URL of their supplier boarding form ( This field can only contain alphanumeric characters.
companyTypeString, optional
The official company type
registrationNumberString, optional
The official company registration number
resellerIdString, optional
The id for the reseller who is creating the customer
vatNumberString, optional
The company VAT number
websiteString, optional
URL of the company’s main website
companyTradingAddressString, optional
Company’s main trading address. When provided, only the countryCode is mandatory
companyRegisteredAddressString, optional
The official address where this company is based. If this address is not provided, it is assumed that this is the same as the companyTradingAddress
relevantIndividualsArray, optional
As part of our regulatory requirements, we have to identify key individuals, including beneficial owners holding more than a 25% share in the company and company directors. You will find more more information about this process here. All these individuals should be reported in this array.
. roleString, mandatory for each relevantIndividual
The relation this individual has to the company. Possible values are “OWNER”, “DIRECTOR” and "BUSINESS_CONTACT"
. nameString, mandatory for each relevantIndividual
The person’s official full name
. dateOfBirthString, optional
The person’s date of birth using the ISO-8601 standard
. addressObject, optional
The person’s home address
. emailObject, optional
The person’s email address
. pctOwnershipString, optional
The percentage of shares of the trader this person owns. If the person owns 30%, the value for this field should be 30. This field only needs to be provided when the role of this person is “OWNER”
bankAccountObject, optional
The trader’s company bank account
. accountHolderNameString, mandatory when bankAccount is provided
Name of the account holder
. iban, accountNumber, accountType, bankCode, bic, branchCode, bsbCode, ifscCode, institutionNumber, routingNumber, sortCode, swiftCode, taxRegistrationNumber, transitNumberString, optional
See table on the right which which fields are used for which countries.
. bankNameString, optional
Name of the bank.
. addressObject, optional
Address of the bank.
Trader StatusDescription
REGISTEREDThis trader has not yet confirmed their email address which means that either they did not yet click the confirmation link or their account was created by someone else.
CONFIRMEDAt least one of the users of this trader has confirmed their email address. Only the trader themselves can make updates to their account details
Bank account fieldsISO country code
ibanAE, AT, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GE, GR, HU, IE, IT, LT, LU, LV, MT, NL, NO, PK, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK
accountNumber, sortCodeGB
accountNumber, accountType, routingNumberUS
iban, bicCH, TR
accountNumberNZ, UA
accountNumber, bankCodeHK, ID, KR, MA, PH, RU, TH
accountNumber, bsbCodeAU
accountNumber, ifscCodeIN
accountNumber, swiftCodeMY, VN, ZA
accountNumber, bankCode, branchCodeBD, LK, SG
accountNumber, bankCode, taxRegistrationNumberMX
accountNumber, accountType, bankCode, branchCodeJP
accountNumber, accountType, institutionNumber, transitNumberCA
accountNumber, accountType, bankCode, branchCode, taxRegistrationNumberBR
accountNumber, BICAll other countries

Relations fields

idString, Yordex generated
UUID that is unique for this relation
traderIdString, Yordex generated
id of the trader that this relation is with
customerTraderIdString, optional
The unique identifier by which this supplier is known in your systems
statusString, Yordex generated
The approval status for this trader. The full list of relation statuses can be found on the right.
ownerUserIdString, optional
User id of the user that owns the relation with this other company
approverUserIdString, optional
User id of the user who approves the relation with this other company
traderFormObject, optional
Additional data about this trader. This is a list of free form key:value pairs
Relation StatusDescription
INSUFFICIENT_DATAInsufficient data available to approve the supplier. What "sufficient" is can be defined by you.
FOR_APPROVALSufficient data available to approve the supplier but not yet approved
FOR_SETUPThe supplier is approved but not yet set up in your ERP system
COMPLETEDThe supplier is approved and the data is fully synched with your ERP system

Document fields

idString, Yordex generated
UUID that is unique for this document
fileNameString, Mandatory
The name of the file including the extension.
documentIdString, Yordex generated
The Id of the uploaded file
typeString, Mandatory
The type of the document. The supported types are PASSPORT or PROOF_OF_ADDRESS
base64EncodedContentString, Mandatory
The content of the file in Base64 encoded format.
locationString, Yordex generated
The download location of the document.