idString, Yordex generated
UUID that is unique for this user
genderString, mandatory
Gender of the user, can be "M" or "F"
firstNameString, mandatory
First name of the user
lastNameString, mandatory
Last name of the user
mobileNumberString, mandatory
The phone number country code without the leading zero, so for example "7707123456"
mobileNumberCountryCodeString, mandatory
The phone number country code without the +, so for example "44" for the UK and "01" for the US
phoneCountryCodeString, Yordex generated
2-letter ISO country code corresponding to the mobileNumberCountryCode. This field is required to differentiate between countries with the same mobileNumberCountryCode, e.g. US and Canada
emailString, mandatory
Email address of the user
emailConfirmedBoolean, Yordex generated
The user has confirmed their email yes or no
traderAccountsObject, Yordex generated
A user can be associated with more than one trader. All traders a user is associated are listed here
. traderIdString, mandatory
One of the traders that this user is associated with
. primaryAccountBoolean, mandatory
Whether this is the primary account or not. If a user logs in, the first account they are logged into is their primary account
rolesString, mandatory
Role of this user. Possible values are listed on the right hand side
approvalLevelString, optional
Custom roles you can give this user to implement your required approval process, e.g. "Director"
managerUserIdString, optional
The user id of the manager of this user which can be used in approval rules
approvalLimitAmountInCentsNumber, optional
The maximum amount up to which this user can approve orders in cents. If this field is not set, it is deemed to be zero and their manager will have to approve all their orders
approvalLimitCurrencyString, mandatory when approvalLimitAmountInCents is defined
The currency for this order using the ISO-4217 standard.
expenseReimbursementCurrencyString, optional
Currency in which we will reimburse your users for expenses. It will also be used as the default currency for their out-of-pocket expenses
receiptMandatoryThreshHoldInCentsNumber, optional
The amount in cents below which this user is not required to provide a receipt
delegatesArray, optional
Other users who this user has delegated their account to. So users listed in this array will be able to log in as this user.
tagsArray, optional
A set of customer defined key:value pairs
termsOfServiceArray, optional
If the user has accepted the cardholder terms of service. accepted:true/false
dateOfBirthString, optional
Date of birth of the user in yyyy-mm-dd format. Required before ordering cards with some US providers - your customer team contact will inform you if this is applicable to you.
roleRole description